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3 Ways to Utilize Test Reports

For many cable manufacturing companies, clients want reports with test information. Sometimes the report is a printed document detailing the test process. Other times it is a label attached to the cable ensuring it passed. Whichever way the report is formatted, the information it includes can be vital. Here are three tips that will help you get the most out of test reports.

1. Choose which reports to includePen and Paper.jpg

If you use Cirris easy-wire software, you may have noticed that there are many different reporting options. Each of these reports conveys certain information appropriate for different situations. The easy-wire user manual describes the function of each type of report. There may be one report that will work for your needs, or you may need to customize the report.

2. Format reports for clarity

Cirris reports can be customized to include or exclude information. You can even format each block of information and edit different fields within the report. You’ll end up with a report specifically customized for your shop.

3. Choose an output

Once you have the correct report formatted just the way you want, you’ll need to decide how to send it to the client. You can print a report, create a PDF for digital viewing, and even set up an auto-print feature that will automatically print a report after a certain event. One of these options will be sure to please the client and work for your own record keeping system.


With so many reporting options and features, you can create the perfect report for your needs. You’ll have records of every test and can share the information with clients. If you still have questions on reporting, click the link below or check out the easy-wire user manual.

Data Collection and Reporting Capabilities   


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