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Guided Assembly: Build and Test Simultaneously

Every harness manufacturer has a different process for building and testing products. Some have found success with the guided assembly method using Cirris CR testers. Guided assembly eliminates mistakes by testing each connection at the moment of contact. Constant testing means the cable is free of common errors such as miswires.


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Guided assembly is a feature of Cirris Easy-Wire® Software and can be used with the CR tester. The software walks you through each step of the build process, showing where each wire will connect, while the tester makes sure the wire reaches the correct pin or socket.

Cirris Easy-Wire Software

This software helps log connectors, create test programs, and perform tests. In Guided Assembly mode, the tester will walk the manufacturer through the process of building a harness by giving prompts through sound and on-screen graphics. For more information on Easy-Wire, click here.

CR Cable Tester

The low voltage Cirris CR Cable Tester can safely analyze the construction of a cable as it is being built. The tester connects with a PC using Easy-Wire and can test up to 32,000 points. For more information on the CR, click here.

LEDs and Sounds

Red and green lights can prompt manufacturers which step to take next. When the wire is connected safely, the light will blink green and a good sounds plays. If the wire has connected to the wrong pin or socket, the LED will flash red and a troubled tone alerts the manufacturer to a mistake.

Graphics on screen

Cirris Easy-Wire Software also comes with hundreds of images of connectors with the option to create your own image. When you can see the connector with over a dozen pins on the screen and with colors showing exactly where the wire should connect, it helps manufacturers build harnesses without errors.


The CR Low Voltage Tester can safely check for continuity, meaning it can detect opens, shorts, and miswires. If one of these errors is found during the guided assembly process, the manufacturer can immediately correct the problem.



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