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What’s the deal with serial numbers anyway?

I'm glad you asked. First, why do we use serial numbers? Serial numbers are a feature used in Cirris Products to give each cable a unique identifier. Serial numbers can be implemented in a number of ways using easy-wire software from your good friends at Cirris. Let’s take a journey along the many paths. Shall we?


There are four different ways to use serial numbers all setup under the defaults tab when editing or creating a test.



Path 1: Incrementation

The first way is to increment from a starting integer. You will select your starting point and how much you would like to increment by for each test. Since the serial numbers are assigned by station this is good to keep in mind if you aren’t wanting serial numbers to overlap.

  • Start one tester at 1 incrementing by three, 
  • The second at two incrementing by three.

Also keep in mind that any time a test is edited and saved the serial numbers will revert back to the starting point specified. So if you edit a test, make sure to change the starting number to accommodate. Now the serial numbers will never overlap.

Path 2: Typing by Hand

Let’s stroll on down to our next option which is hand typing them in. This can be helpful when you have a large amount of testers all testing the same cable. At each test the operator will be asked to simply type the serial number in. Be wary of human error though which can be cleared up with our next option.


Path 3: Barcode Scanners

Cirris and easy-wire are fantastic when it comes to Barcode Scanners. They operate just like a keyboard input. Simply use one of the Cirris recommended bardcode coding techniques , such as Code 128, to encode your serial number, scan the tag attached to your cable at the prompt and away you go. No extra software needed.

Path 4: LUA Scripting

The last spot on our journey is using LUA scripting. This option is available for your more complicated serial number needs and is available to discuss with the Cirris team on a case by case basis.


Serial Numbers are a feature of Cirris easy-wire Software. You can learn more about easy-wire software by clicking the link below.

Cirris easy-wire Software


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