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4 Cirris Tools to Save Hours of Time

Here at Cirris we strive not only to bring you quality testers but we look for ways to help you improve your test process. We want to provide knowledge and tools that will help you test more proficiently and accurately. Our goal is to bring you tools to help save you time.

1. Smart-Lights and other accessories

Many products Cirris sells are meant to enhance the features of your cable tester. For example, Smart-Lights allow you to plug your adapter cables in anywhere and provide easier error identification. Other Cirris accessories improve the test process in other ways.

2. Training

If you are new to automated testing you may consider taking a training course. Cirris offers several training sessions including a foundations class, and product and software instruction class. Even if you have been testing for years you may benefit from attending a Cirris training session. Cirris caters training to meet any level of experience.

But how does this save time? Cirris trainings can take an entire day. But it is better to be trained and ready to go than to have to spend even longer figuring things out on your own. Not to mention it is safer to have someone show you how to test using a particular method or product. Mistakes are avoided, new lessons are applied, and time is saved.

3. Learning Center

Cirris has spent years generating free content for the benefit of anyone in need of testing knowledge. We have dozens of articles covering basic topics like where to start and how to be safe, to articles about more advanced topics like scripting and fixturing.

Some of our articles even deal with identifying errors. Instead of spending hours trying to figure out why a cable continually fails, trying finding the answer in our Learning Center.

4. Demos

Similar to training, Cirris offers demos of to help test technicians learn how to use products quickly and efficiently. You can order a demo from Cirris without purchasing a tester. Try testing before ordering a permanent automated tester for your shop.

If you can think of times throughout your build process where you feel like time is wasted, contact Cirris. We’d love to help you find an answer.

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