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When to Upgrade your Cirris Tester

Cirris account managers, tech support specialists, and engineering experts have visited customers all over the world. They have seen Cirris testers in small cable shops and large aerospace facilities. Their reports show a staggering number of customers rely on outdated technology to analyze cables.

The range of Cirris testers has grown and improved for over thirty years. While we are pleased to hear that tester built a decade ago are still functioning toady, we want our customers to have the best instruments for testing cables and harnesses. You deserve to have current products and the latest software and technology to ensure every cable and harness is error-free.

Here are some of the latest improvements Cirris has made over the last several years:

* Improved high voltage (hipot) testing

* New software features added to easy-wire for better test creation

* Upgraded networking between tester stations

* New products including Cirris’s newest tester, the Easy Touch Pro.

These advances in testing can have an effect on the test process in your company. Contact Cirris to learn about our newest testers and see what an upgrade can do for you.

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