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Upgrading to New Testers: Overcoming Concerns

As Cirris Personnel visit customer facilities all over the country, we’ve noticed many customers clinging to old, outdated products. While this gives us a sense of pride that our products are well-loved and can endure so many years of testing, we feel our new products can out-perform older testers, giving users better results and saving time.


Even with recommendations for new cable testers, customers are still hesitant to make the change. Through visits with customers, we’ve identified several reasons customers don’t want to switch their cable tester to a newer model and hope to address concerns.

1. Budgeteasytouch_ReadyToHipot.jpg

Often money for new equipment does not fit in a company’s budget every year. It’s okay to put off an upgrade until next year, but be careful of tools wearing out before they can be replaced. To help customers replace old equipment on a budget, Cirris has implemented an upgrade program where obsolete testers can be traded in for new equipment.

Check Out Tester Upgrade Program

2. Time

The time it takes to exchange an old tester and learn to use a new tester may not seem feasible. Though change can be difficult, it is necessary and inevitable. If you need help learning the features of a new product, you can always speak to a Cirris representative about training classes to speed up the process.

Learn About Cirris Training

3. Reliability

As Cirris releases new products, we try to keep the same important features in each upgrade. New products should adapt to your process without causing too many problems.

For example, many of our customers are still using the Touch 1 tester. When they upgrade to the Easy Touch tester, which uses easy-wire software, they may be confused about how to perform the same tasks on a different machine. Once learned, however, they find not only a well-made tester, but new features that can improve their test process.

Watch an Easy Touch Video

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No matter what is holding you back from upgrading, just remember that the benefits of a new tester outweigh the fears you have about change.


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