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Cirris Training Classes

Whether new to the wire assembly industry or new to Cirris products, a little training can help you start testing cables sooner and with more confidence.

When starting a new hobby or sport, a teacher or coach is often called in to ensure the rules are being followed and the right techniques are being used. How much more important is it to make sure the correct process is being followed when money, time, and safety are at stake?

Cirris offers training classes for this very reason. We want to help 2016-04-06_10_59_09-Microsoft_PowerPoint_-_Cirris_Training_-_Foundations.pngcustomers feel comfortable using our products. We build our testers to be intuitive and user-friendly, but a little training can speed up the learn process and enlighten users to features that dramatically improve the test process.

For example, some of our employees have returned from trainings reporting that by helping customers understand what different settings mean inside a test program, the customer decreased test time and increased profits. Many of these customers had been using our products for years and were grateful for the knowledge they picked up in a training class.

Currently Cirris provides two training classes.

  • Foundations gives a basic overview of why and how testing is performed. This class can help new employees understand why testing is important and how testing is done. The class is also a good review for seasoned employees.
  • The Cirris software, easy-wire, was designed to give test engineers a way to build test programs for a variety of cables and harnesses. Often users can get confused by the numerous options and capabilities of the software. After a training class that walks users through each step of the software, users are far more confident when building test programs to test cables.

If you are interested in participating in either of these classes, fill out the form on the Training page of cirris.com.

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