Cable Testing Tips

A blog exploring electrical cable testing guidelines, best practices, and advice for getting started with your testing process.

Testing Guidelines

The Cirris Learning Center

If you are looking for information on Cable testing or have a question about your Cirris product, try searching the Learning Center for answers.

Getting Started

Hipot Testing with AC

A hipot test can be very useful in helping you develop a process that builds high quality cables and wire harnesses.

Testing Guidelines

Fixturing Maintenance

Fixturing is the word Cirris uses to describe the intermediate cables that connect the tester to the cables you test.

Testing Guidelines

When Someone from Cirris Says “Fixturing”

Cirris uses the word “Fixturing” when referring to the set of wires and connectors that connect the device-under-test to the tester.

Testing Guidelines

Cirris Training Classes

Cirris offers training classes to help customers feel comfortable using our products.

Getting Started

Which Tester Should I Buy?

What are the most important things to consider when buying a new automated cable tester? Read and find out.

Testing Guidelines

That Brand You Trust

Improving quality through cable testing can help attract customers and create loyalty to your brand.

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