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Fixturing Maintenance

In most cases, the cables you test won’t attach directly to your tester. Depending on the tester you are using, you may have to build fixturing.

Fixturing is the word Cirris uses to describe the intermediate cables that connect the tester to the cables you test. Some facilities test hundreds of cables with the same fixturing. This means the fixturing needs to be able to withstand hundreds of tests. They need to include connectors that can endure having connectors attached and disconnected hundreds of times. Fixturing cables should be made from sturdy materials to maintain quality and longevity.

Here are a few tips to ensure your fixturing passes all the tests:

  • Keep your fixturing clean.
  • Replace bent pins and worn out connectors.
  • Track the cycle count and remember to check for wear.
  • Check strain relief on wires.

Learn more tips on how to maintain fixturing and avoid fixturing mistakes in the Cirris Learning Center.

The Biggest Fixturing Mistakes


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