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Automated Testing: A Manufacturer’s Secret Weapon

The truth behind cable testing that most manufacturers despise is that it’s necessary. It’s a job that has to be done, like washing dishes or cleaning toilets. Nobody asks for a new electrical wire tester for their birthday. There is nothing glorious or desirable about testing. Without it, there is a high risk of low quality and diminished safety. With it, there is time spent and equipment to buy. Is there any way of looking at testing that doesn’t make it sound like a lose-lose situation?

Every industry has their share of requirements that can’t be avoided. In sports, there is equipment used to protect players from injury. In restaurants there are strict cleaning standards to keep bacteria and viruses out of the food. Those forced to conform to industry requirements may find the tools and tasks tedious, but they understand the consequences of not complying. Instead of grudgingly following industry standards, some businesses have found a way of using the requirements to their benefit.

Instead of hiding a hockey player’s helmet or soccer player’s shin guards, they will show them off. The brand that created the protective gear is given priority to show how much the team cares for its players. A team will highlight the company where they bought their gear the same way a celebrity will name their designer on the red carpet. It is glorified as a badge of honor.

The same can be true for testing. Instead of keeping testing as an afterthought, put it front and center. When delivering cables to an end user, explain how you tested the cables and can guarantee their quality. Use reports to show how each wire, connection, and component was tested at certain voltages to ensure they will last.

Testing does not have to be a hidden step in the build process. Put testing front and center and brag about the quality of the cables you build.

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