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How to Make Cable Testing a More Positive Experience

Cable manufacturing shops often see cable testing as a necessary evil. It has to be done but it is expensive and inconvenient. It’s like going to the dentist or replacing the toilet paper roll. Not performing the task could cause great distress later.

Don’t think of testing as something you have to do. Think of it as an insurance policy. The cables you build could go into a high priority device. You wouldn’t want your cables responsible if the device later has problems.

Say one of your cables is part of a device that gets recalled. Can you prove that your cable is not the source of the problem? If you can prove through reports and records that you built the cable exactly to the buyer’s specifications, you are off the hook. This is one of the benefits of testing. It takes the pressure off of you in a crisis.

Now imagine you hadn’t tested and you don’t have a report. You could easily be made the scapegoat of the recall. You’d have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to make up for damages, even though you may or may not be responsible for them.

Dogs guarding cables

Instead of thinking of testing as a miserable job, imagine testing is a guard dog. When you stop thinking of
your guard dog as another mouth to feed and start treating it like the sentry you purchased him to be, you will start to feel loyalty and trust toward your new protector.

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