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4 Ways to Get Up to Speed On Cable Testing Industry Trends

The cable testing industry is constantly changing. As new technology develops, trends within the industry adapt to meet new requirements. Is there a better way to use a harness board? What new features have been added to testers? Are there any updated policies that you need to know about?  You might be asking questions like these too often.


With so much change occurring, how can you be sure your shop is up to date with the latest trends? Here are 4 sources to help you know you are up to date on cable testing industry trends.

1. Industry Publications

Probably the most easy and obvious source for trends is industry publications. Newspapers, magazines, and other sources will have articles outlining current events. Top experts in the industry will announce upcoming programs. Businesses can also advertise the newest tools and equipment used to make your job easier.

Recommended publications:

2. Internet Sources

Sources exist online to find press releases and forums for discussion. Many businesses will announce new trends and products on their websites. You can also follow businesses on websites like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Use the sources available through the internet to learn about industry trends.

3. TradeshowsTradeshow Booths

Though they may not occur often in your area, tradeshows are a time for businesses to present their latest goods. This means that the very latest trends will make an appearance, often even before being announced on the internet or in publications. If you have the chance to visit a tradeshow, take advantage of the opportunity. Talk to the representatives from different businesses and see what they have to offer.

4. Trend Experts

Some cable testing industry trends are started by businesses in the industry. A new type of cable tester or new way to build a harness board can trigger a change throughout the industry. Whether you decide to become a customer to these businesses or not, follow the websites of industry-leading businesses to learn more about what changes they are creating for the industry.


Even if you feel confident in your equipment and products, knowing the options available throughout the cable testing industry could help one day. Stay up to date with industry trends from all different sources.

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