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4 Reasons to Bring Automated Testing Into Your Process

Any businesses that build cables and harnesses and are not testing or are using hand testers should consider upgrading to an automated cable tester.  Instead of testing each wire individually against every other wire, an automated tester can perform the same work in seconds. Automated testers also find more defects, which can save your company money.


1. Automated Testing Saves Time

It could take hours for a technician to check a single cable using a hand tester. The same work could be performed instantly using an automated tester.

It is similar to the difference between doing dishes by hand or using a dishwasher. Hours are spent scrubbing food out of casserole dishes when the same work could be done by a machine. Think of the time saved when dirty dishes are loaded into a dishwasher that does the work. Why test cables by hand when the same work could be performed by an automated tester?

2. Automated Testing Improves the Test Process

Each cable and harness manufacturing shop can have a different setup depending on the type of cables produced at the shop. Some shop managers may fear disrupting the routine with the inclusion of new machines. But automated cable testers will be a positive addition to a process because of the features they offer.

Some testers come with features such as guided assembly, which walks the user through the build process, checking connections as each wire and connector is added. Other testers are small enough to include one at every test station. Shop around and find the tester that improves your test process.

3. Automated Testing Saves Money

Automated cable testers are not cheap. In some cases they may cost as much as a new car. Like a new car, however, they create convenience.

How much do you have to pay a person to spend several hours testing? Think of the better uses of that person’s time once hours of testing are reduced to minutes. A tester may cost a large amount of money at once, but the investment will return the costs over time.

4. Automated Testing Finds Defects Sooner

Of all the reasons to buy an automated cable tester, one of the best reasons is for safety. More defects are found sooner than not testing or testing by hand. Imagine the consequences if a cable defect caused a car to crash or a medical device to malfunction.

Cirris has designed a way for you to measure the cost of a defect for your company.

Download the Real Cost Worksheet


You may have other reasons for choosing to add automated testing to your process. Whatever your reason, you will be grateful for the change.

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