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The Cirris Learning Center

Cirris has built a virtual library of articles related to cable testing. Within the Cirris Learning Center at cirris.com, you can find articles on everything from getting started with testing to topics pertaining to high voltage.

Articles in the Learning Center are divided into two groups: General Testing and Product Instruction. Within the General Testing category, you will find articles on testing guidelines, tips on diagnosing failures, information on high voltage, and a number of special topics about cable testing.

The Product Instruction category contains information specific to Cirris testers and other products. If a problem occurs with a Cirris product, the answer may be found in one of the articles in this section. If not, please call Cirris Tech Support.

Another section of the learning center has calculators. You may turn to these calculators when setting up test programs or for other reasons. These calculators are free to use for anyone who needs them.

If you are looking for information on Cable testing or have a question about your Cirris product, try searching the Learning Center for answers.

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