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Which Tester Should I Buy?

When shopping for an automated electrical tester, some buyers may feel overwhelmed by the amount of features, specifications, and options available. Finding the most suitable tester for your cable shop isn’t as difficult a task as you might expect. Here are a few factors that will help you choose the right tester.



Cable testers can take up a substantial part of a budget, but the correct product will be worth every penny spent. Like purchasing a car, you will find some cable testers have features that will cause them to cost more than other testers.

  • Sometimes you must pay more in order to perform the required tests on your shop’s cables.
  • At other times you may consider purchasing a tester that includes these features so that you can expand your range of testing farther in the future.

 If you do not need a tester with features you can’t imagine using, consider a less expensive tester that fulfills your basic testing needs.

High Voltage

A cable tester that includes high voltage testing can substantially raise the price. The difference between a continuity tester and a high voltage tester can be thousands of dollars. This is because high voltage testers are like the difference between a minivan and an SUV. A minivan will meet your basic family needs, but an SUV has the potential to take your family off the beaten track. A continuity tester will show you obvious errors, but a high voltage tester will reveal potential errors.

Read this article to learn more about how high voltage can benefit your company.

Test Points

This is probably the biggest factor when determining which automated cable tester you need. Each pin in a connector counts as a test point. You will need a cable tester with enough test points to accommodate the needs of your cable. Larger assemblies that use thousands of test points will need more complex testers. Be sure the tester you buy has enough test points for the cables you build.

Ask for Help

If you still have questions about which tester you should buy, ask for assistance from a testing expert. You may feel like a sales representative will try to talk you into buying a tester, but an honest sales representative will answer your questions and make sure you are confident that the tester you buy will meet the needs of your shop.

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