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Two Guys Walks into a Barcode Scanner…

How many tpying mitsakes do you make? How much time is lost entering data by hand? How much space does a keyboard take up? All these problems could be eliminated by one simple tool: The barcode scanner.

Many cable and harness shops have found barcode scanners to be a convenient way to avoid mistakes and save time when assembling cables and harnesses.

Cirris decided to include barcode scanner capabilities into our products when we realized,

  • Scanning is faster than typing.barcoded-wire.jpg
  • Scanning eliminates keyboard entry errors.
  • Barcode scanners take less workspace than a keyboard and mouse.
  • Scanning can quickly eliminate serial numbers.
  • Scanning helps when identifying wires.

If you are interested in including barcode scanners in your wire building process, Cirris has an article that can help you understand

  • How to select a barcode scanner.
  • How to configure a scanner for your specific application.
  • Tips on creating barcodes.

Check out the article by clicking the link below.

Barcode Scanners and Cable Testing


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