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Did you know that Cirris Easy-Wire™ Software can be used to add greater capability to your tester? If you are using a CH2, CR, or Easy-Touch, you are already using Easy-Wire. However, if you are testing with one of our 1100 Series testers, you might not know that you can connect your tester to a computer and use Easy-Wire Software.

Easy-Wire Software is a platform for test creation. It provides features that can do everything from organize connectors or adapters to create a custom test report. Easy-Wire is run on a computer. If you are using an Easy-Touch, the computer is built into the tester. For other Cirris testers, you will need to connect your tester to an independent PC. Even the 1100 Series testers can be connected to a computer for access to Easy-Wire1100h_530

To connect your 1100 Series tester to a computer, you will need a cable that can connect your tester to a PC. You will also need to purchase and install Easy-Wire on a computer. Then you will be able to build test programs, test cables, and print reports. Talk to your Cirris representative to learn more.

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