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Back Up Your Tester

Posted by Sarah Landeen on Aug 3, 2018 3:31:18 PM

With technology being so prevalent in our world today, there are very few people who haven’t lost data in some form or another. Whether dropping their phone in the toilet or losing information when a computer crashes, everyone has experienced the heartbreak of losing digital files.

This article is your friendly reminder to back up your test files. Cirris testers aren’t impervious to data loss. If something happens to your tester, there is no guarantee your test files would survive the damage. Back up your tester to ensure your information is safe.

Depending on which Cirris tester and software you are using, there are different methods you can use to back up your tester. For example, testers using Easy-Wire™ software have an automatic backup feature that will ensure your information is safe. You can set it according to your schedule, thus protecting your test files from data loss in case something happens.

To learn more about how to back up test files on each type of Cirris tester, click the link below. Don’t put this off. You never know when catastrophe can occur. Will all your test files be gone forever or safely backed up?

Remember to Back Up Your Test Files


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