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The Risk of an Unsupported Tester

Occasionally a part needed to build or repair a Cirris tester becomes unavailable. When that happens, the tester is considered unsupported. Even though Cirris will recommend a replacement tester, some customers choose to continue testing with the unsupported tester. This decision comes with certain risks to the customer.

  • The reason a part becomes unavailable is usually because the part is outdated. Supported testers use current technology for a better testing experience. Unsupported testers use old technology that may not be able to run important features.
  • If an unsupported tester breaks, it cannot be repaired, leaving you in a difficult situation. With supported testers, arrangements can be made to provide a rental unit until the tester is repaired. This is not an option with unsupported testers.
  • Depending on the problem, tech support will not be able to help with an unsupported tester. You can certainly ask, but there may not be a good answer if you are using an unsupported tester.

Although some Cirris customers still use original testers from past decades, we recommend that you upgrade to a supported tester. We want to provide you with the best testing experience and that includes making sure you have the right equipment for the job.

If you would like to upgrade your tester, visit the tester upgrade section of

Tester Upgrade


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