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Learning from Failures

Posted by Sarah Landeen on Apr 6, 2017 11:03:01 AM

An article in the Learning Center at talks about how to improve quality by focusing on “First Pass Yield.” This means finding out what percentage of cables in your facility pass when tested. This also includes learning how many cables failed and were scrapped or required rework. While it’s easier to focus on the success of good, well-built cables, studying failures can help yield a higher percentage of good cables.

In establishing a quality system, designate studying failures as a key step in increasing the number of good cables. When describing this step, the article says, “In some ways defective assemblies can be more valuable than a good assembly.” Failed cables give you an opportunity to improve quality because you can determine why the error occurred and learn how to fix it.badtest.png

When looking at bad cables, ask yourself,

  • What error caused the cable to fail?
  • At what point in the build process did this error occur?
  • How often does this error occur?
  • What can we change to stop this error occurring again?

Studying failures can be one of the most valuable ways to increase the number of good cables your company produces. For more information on this subject, see the First Pass Yield series of articles at

Go to First Pass Yield Article


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