Always Verify Your Test Programs

Before any test can be performed, you must create a test program. Whether you do this by performing a Learn on the cable or by entering the specs by hand, there is a risk of making a mistake. You could easily enter the wrong value, or the sample cable used for the Learn could contain an error. Therefore, it’s important to verify test programs before using the program to test cables.

Verifying test programs can be tedious. It requires matching your cable’s specs to those Learned by the tester. Sometimes this requires going through and checking every value to make sure it matches between the specs and the test program. However, the consequences of not verifying a test program can be catastrophic.

At Cirris, we’ve heard horror stories about unverified test programs being used to test cables and harnesses. If the sample cable contains an error, and the final cable contains the same error, the tester will not catch the mistake. This is why you must always verify test programs.

For more information on verification, check out this article in the Cirris Learning Center:

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