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Cirris Releases New Digital IO Module

Posted by Sarah Landeen on Jan 5, 2018 9:08:34 AM

Cirris is pleased to announce our newest product, the Digital IO module.

This module connects to Cirris testers to provide greater capability than the built-in version found on most Cirris testers. Use the Digital IO module to incorporate lights, locks, switches, and other attachments to the tester. This creates a convenient way of controlling the test process without direct contact. For example, users can trigger hipot tests from a safe distance or enable lights and sounds to warn others of high

The Digital IO module’s increased capabilities make it more powerful than ever before. The module’s twenty input/output dual pins, along with eight dedicated output pins giving additional control of the test process. Also included are four voltage rails, capable of drawing a maximum of 500 mA combined.

Click the link below to learn more.

Digital IO Module


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