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Four Reasons to Update your Easy-Wire® Software Today


When was the last time you updated your Easy-Wire® software?

To operate a Cirris® tester, you either use, or have the option to use, Easy-Wire software. Whether integrated into the tester like in the Easy-Touch® Pro or connected to an external PC program like the CH2 or CR testers, Easy-Wire provides the functionality and interface platform for your test system. Keeping your Easy-Wire software up to date is essential to ensure that you always get the most out of your testing experience. 

1. Be more efficient  

The engineering team at Cirris is constantly adding new features to Easy-Wire to make cable testing easier and more efficient. By keeping your Easy-Wire software up to date, you ensure continued access to the latest features produced by Cirris. In recent releases, Cirris has implemented new features such as test program version control, dynamic barcodes for reports and labels, and flexible operator prompts for data input for test reports. Visit to see the latest features and version history. 

2. Improved documentation 

Cirris has made significant investments in improving our written documentation,=help system and training materials. When you upgrade, you can take advantage of the improved Easy-Wire help system that comes with each upgrade.  

3. Better technical support  

We pride ourselves on our commitment to helping our customers with their testing needs. When your software is updated to the latest version of Easy-Wire, our technical support team is better equipped to help if you need support. Moreover, many issues of past versions likely have been resolved in the more recent version. 

4. A must for networking testers 

One of the best ways to optimize your testing experience is by connecting your testers to a single network, allowing for information to be shared across the network. This ensures all your testers access the same test programs, connector definitions, test adapter registrations, and user logins. Having the Cirris Server and Easy-Wire Stations software upgraded to the same version is required to share test information on a network. 


Being able to quickly update the testers in your facility without issues is critical. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read our blog on the best practice for upgrading your Easy-Wire system. 

Do you not have the latest version of Easy-Wire? Download it today! 

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