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Why Network Your Testers Together?

When a shop has more than one Cirris tester, it may become necessary to share information between the testers. There are several methods to accomplish this task. For example, you could load the information onto a flash drive then save it on another machine. An easier way is by networking your testers together.

Nearly all of Cirris’s current line of testers can be networked, but some older models do not have the capability. 

The following Cirris testers CAN be networked:

  • Signature Touch 1/Touch 1 Ultra
  • Signature 1100-R+/1100-H+
  • CR/CH+/CH2
  • Easy Touch Pro

The following Cirris testers CANNOT be networked:

  • Signature 1000LC, 1000M, 2000
  • Signature 500
  • Signature 1000R+, 1000RX
  • Signature 1000-HX

Cirris has software to make networking your testers easier. Using Networking Made Easy or Cirris Server Software allows you to share test programs and other information across the testers in your shop.

For more information on networking Cirris Testers, check out the articles in the Learning Center.

Networking Cirris Testers


Introduction to Networking


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