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How to Preserve Quality While Growing Your Number of Orders

You couldn’t be happier at the number of orders rolling through your door. But since you are still a relatively small cable shop, filling those orders may not be so easy. Your options are to take more time and finish the work late, perform the work with lower quality, or lose money paying overtime or hiring inexperienced employees then taking the time to train them. You aren’t happy with any of these options. Maybe there is something you haven’t thought of yet.


The Latest Testing Equipment

One way to preserve quality while meeting your orders on time is by upgrading your equipment. A lot of new technology exists that can help you assemble cables and harnesses faster and with less errors. You can also purchase new test systems to help you find defects faster.

An example of this is the Cirris CR Cable Tester. This compact tester can be added to test stations without a lot of hassle. Cirris easy-wire software will guide the cable operator through the build process while the tester scans for errors along the way. When the cable is put together it has already been tested (but a final test never hurt any cable).

Reorganize the Process

Another idea for preserving quality is to reorganize your shop. Once the big orders start coming in you will need to be on the top of your game. Make sure you have a good system for organizing equipment. Can all your employees find what they need when they need it?

Training from Professionals

Finally, if you do need to bring on new workers, take advantage of training classes. Many test system businesses like Cirris offer training sessions to teach any level of employee different test methods and how to use products. Save yourself the hassle of trying to get new employees up to speed with testing. Let the professionals do the work for you.



With your work expanding you will want to be sure you are producing quality work. If you are interested in any of the ideas mentioned above, contact Cirris to learn more.

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