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Can’t Make the Tradeshow? Cirris Has You Covered


If you’re one of the unlucky few that live in a region where you dream of tradeshows like a four-year-old dreams of Disneyland, we’d like to help you in the best way we know how. We’d like to give you a written summary of what you could see if you met us at one of our shows.



While walking through the crowded aisles of the show, you’ll notice aIMG_6707.jpg booth decked out in red and white. The words ‘Cirris Systems’ inform you of our company name and the products displayed on tables attract your attention.


One of our representatives notices you inspecting an Easy Touch unit and asks how you are enjoying the show.

“It’s fine,” you reply.

“What company are you from?” asks the Cirris representative.

This starts a discussion about the types of cables and harnesses you build. The representative then asks about your testing methods.


After learning about your company and routines, our representative will demonstrate the capabilities of a few of our test systems. You’ll see the Easy Touch, the product that first caught your eye. As the representative explains how to use easy-wire software, another member of the Cirris booth asks to scan your show badge.

You’ll also be shown the 1100H+ test system and maybe a few other testers. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes of your time, but by the end you feel it was time well spent.


You are given a brochure which talks about the features and specifications of the Easy Touch. You may also be presented with a few other trophies from the Cirris booth (things way cooler than pens or hats). You slip your souvenirs into your bag and thank the representative. After a handshake you move back into the aisle, already formulating a plan in your mind for how you will convince your boss to grant some money to purchase a new automated tester.


While we can’t bring the entire show experience to your shop, if you would like more information on Cirris products (and maybe get your hands on some Cirris swag) contact one of our representatives. They can set you up with a free demo of our tester and answer any questions you may have. It’s almost like being at a tradeshow. Almost.

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