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Cirris Accessories Guide: What to Buy with Your Tester

There are accessories and other items that you will need to purchase before your Cirris Tester is ready to use. Some of these items come standard with the tester. Other products are not necessary for testing but can provide a better testing experience.


Standard Accessories

Cirris testers come standard with:

The USB cable is used to connect the tester to a PC. If these items are lost or damaged at your shop, replacements can be bought at


All testers come standard with software used for testing cables. Additional software can be purchased to allow greater capabilities in testing. Some of this software includes:

  • AC Options: Test using AC voltage
  • Scripting: Customize test programs to perform functions that are not possible using the standard test editor window.
  • Digital I/O: Automate the test process.
  • PC Control: Control the tester from a PC using Cirris easy-wire
  • Networking: Enable stand-alone testers to share tests stored to a network location.

All software options for the CH2 can be sold in one software package called Power User.

Adapters/Interface CablesDSCN1303-b.jpg

You will need to purchase signature adapters in order to use the Cirris Easy Touch and 1100 series. Signature adapters provide a way to connect the device-under-test (DUT) to the tester. You have two options when buying signature adapters.

  • Buy one adapter that permanently remains on the tester and build interface cables to connect the DUT to the tester.
  • Buy several adapters that are interchangeable depending on the DUT.

Note: Standard adapters are identified by an “A” and can test up to 1000 VDC. High Voltage adapters are identified with and “H” and can test up to 1500 VDC.

If you order a CH2 or CR you will need interface cables to connect to the DUT. Cirris sells the materials to build interface cables.

Extra Accessories

Though not necessary, you may be interested in certain accessories form Cirris that can make testing easier and more comfortable.

  • Smart-Lights: Automatically identify wires and connectors for use in a program.
  • Tilt Stand: Angle your tester for easier viewing.

Performance Check Kits

Performance check kits are used to verify that your tester is calibrated correctly. You may not need to purchase a kit when you first order your tester and accessories, but it will be necessary to purchase one later on.

For more information about performance check kits and calibration, check out the Calibration page at


An easy way to learn the capabilities and features of Cirris products is to order training. A Cirris representative can travel to your facility or your employees can visit Cirris headquarters. Users can learn the correct techniques for using Cirris products and software. If the training takes place at your facility, our experts can evaluate your process and explain different ways Cirris testers can increase productivity.

For more information on training, fill out the Training Interest Form.


Cirris wants to provide the best testing experience for you and your company. Our accessories can help.

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