Cirris’s Guide to Halloween Costumes

Halloween is only a few days away. If you still need a costume, look no further. Our costume guide will make you the star of your company’s party.

1. Miss Wire

Practice your walk and perfect the gracious wave, you’ve just won the Miss Wire pageant. All you need for this costume is a crown made of wires and a ribbon cable sash…and world peace.

2. Short

If you are small in stature, tell your coworkers you are a Short for Halloween. Leave your coat at home, as shorts are generally indicators of insufficient insulation. That brings us to…

3. Insulation

Wear your coat, scarf, hat, gloves, snow pants, boots, and every other piece of cold weather clothing you own. What are you? Insulation. Not just insulation, sufficient insulation. No hipot errors happening today.

4. Hipot

All you need for this costume is a nametag.

Hipot Costume Tag-1.jpg

5. Strippers

Enough said.

We hope you have a fun Halloween this year.


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