The Cirris Adapter System

In a perfect world, every cable would have the same connectors that functioned for every purpose. Then again, in a perfect world every cable would be built perfectly, eliminating the need to test. Since we don’t live in a perfect world, testing is required and so are adapters.

Using a series of different connectors that attach directly to Cirris testers give users a way to test cables containing a variety of connectors. We call this the Cirris Adapter System. The 1100 Series, the Easy Touch Pro, and several other Cirris testers use the Adapter System. Rather than have built-in connectors, these testers use the Adapter System to attach just about any type of connector to your tester.1100-h-plus.2_f

Cirris sells over one hundred adapters from AHED to ADIS. Each adapter in the system has a different type of connector to match your cables. The adapters attach securely to your tester. This way you can easily attach and remove cables as needed for testing.

If you need an adapter other than one from Cirris’s standard collection, we can build custom adapters. These adapters may include special connectors or extra features to make testing your cables easier. For example, Cirris creates clamp adapters, mil-spec box adapters, and other non-standard adapter features. Contact Cirris about your testing needs to see if a custom adapter might be your perfect solution.

The world may not be perfect, but the Cirris Adapter System helps move it a little closer to perfection. To purchase testers and adapters, visit

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