Keeping Your Adapters Alive

Constantly connecting and disconnecting cables from adapters can take their toll. While Cirris strives for the highest quality in all our products, nothing can live forever—especially adapters that are almost constantly in use. There are a few possibilities you might try to increase the lifespan of your adapters.

Over time, connectors wear out. Being connected and disconnected hundreds or thousands of times from cables means the connector won’t last forever. Pins will get bent, metal plating will wear down, and eventually the connector will not function in the necessary way. Even if the connector is used rarely, oxidation build-up will cause problems the next time the connector is used.

While it’s inevitable for adapters to stop functioning eventually, there are a few methods you can use to prolong the life of your connectors and adapters.Replaceable Connector

  • Cirris offers replaceable adapters on some of our products. When the adapter wears out and stops working, you’ll be able to replace the mating connector without replacing the entire adapter card.
  • Connector savers or connector extenders from Cirris protect connectors from damage. These easily-replaceable pieces attach to your connectors and protect them from the damaging effects of connecting and disconnecting cables.
  • Spring-loaded pogo pins are another option for preventing damage. Keep in mind that all three of these options (replaceable connectors, connector savors, and pogo pins) can offer extra resistance when testing.

Learn more about how to get the most out of your connectors and adapters by checking out these articles in the Cirris learning Center.

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