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Who Shouldn’t Buy a Cirris Cable Tester?

 Not every cable or harness shop needs a Cirris tester to verify connections. Before spending too much time researching Cirris products, check that you aren't one of these customers.



Often times customers assume that a Cirris cable tester will meet their needs when in reality the customer needs something different. Here are a few examples:

  • Customers needing a tester with voltage above 2000AC: Cirris testers can test up to a certain point. We direct customers needing higher voltage to other sources.
  • Customers needing a dirty cheap tester: Some industries don’t need expensive cable testers with flashy add-ons and software. When Cirris testers don’t meet these cheaper needs, we direct customers to those who can help them make that purchase.
  • Customers building just one cable or harness: Some customers call to order a cable tester even though they only have one cable or harness to test. There are better methods to verify connections in this case than an expensive cable tester.
  • Customers building cables where quality is not an issue: Cables used in cheap toys or other instances do not need an expensive automated tester because quality testing will not improve the end product.
  • Customers needing bit error rate data transfer or fiber optics: Cirris testers are not capable of testing these types of cables.



If you have any questions about whether you need a Cirris tester or not, call or send an email. We promise not to sell you a product you don’t need. If you do believe a Cirris cable tester will help improve testing in your shop, visit our products page to see what we offer.

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