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Can you tell how much wire is left on the spool?

Posted by Sarah Landeen on Jan 4, 2017 9:01:50 AM

Cirris has several ways of helping you determine how much wire is still on the spool.

  • Weight – measure a sample of the wire then measure the spool of wire (be sure to subtract the weight of the spool).spool-250.jpg
  • Harris TS100 Cable Fault Finder – this tool can measure distance to end of cable.
  • Resistance – if you can reach both ends of the wire, use a volt-ohm-meter Cirris calculator, “Estimate the Length of a Wire,” to calculate the length.
  • Cirris Tester – Cirris has a scripting feature that can measure the length of a wire using one of our testers.

To learn more about using the options to figure out how much wire is left on a spool, see the article below.

How Much Wire is on the Spool?


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