The Possibilities of Custom Scripting

When the standard features of your tester aren’t enough, Custom Scripts can add more capability. Scripting adds another level of control over your testing process. If your testing process has requirements beyond the standard features, contact Cirris to order a custom script.

Cirris uses LUA scripting language to create custom scripts, incorporating features that don’t come standard with your tester. For example, custom scripts can add greater capability to your tester’s reporting feature. Scripting will allow you to export reports in different formats such as HTML and XML. You could also add barcodes to your reports, or add information such as the variance between high and low resistance readings.

If you need to perform a task that is not possible with the basic tester features, contact Cirris to find out if a custom script will help you accomplish your goal.

For more information on custom scripting, check out this article from the Cirris Learning Center.

Scripting Secret Menu


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