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When to Call Tech Support

Where do you turn if your tester isn’t working like you expected? Automated testing is such a niche market that an internet search for your specific problem might not turn up any results. Reliable tester manufacturers may provide some documentation on common problems and solutions, but difficult problems may need expert advice.

This is when you call tech support.


As stated before, common problems may be documented on the manufacturer’s website. For example, Cirris has articles on our website helping customers understand different factors that may contribute to test failure (flux, humidity, etc). These articles are available to anyone.

If the solution is not published online, you may need to call tech support. Cirris’s tech support department has helped customers work through a number of issues with patience and determination. Whether the problem is caused byP1000620.jpg damaged equipment, improper environment, or other reasons, tech support can help find a solution.

Call tech support if you:

  • Cannot find the answer in the tester’s manual.
  • Cannot find a solution already published online.
  • Have other questions that you can’t answer on your own.



Cirris tech support is well-trained to accurately and politely help you with your testing needs.

Contact Tech Support


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