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Who Uses Cirris Testers?

What market do you work in? Cirris sells testing equipment to customers in different markets all over the world. Everywhere cables are used, they must be tested to find errors and other potential problems. From the tiny wires inside a phone to the giant harnesses the power a plane, manufacturers rely on automated testers to ensure devices will function correctly.

You might understand your branch of the testing industry, but how well do you know other areas? Here are a few insights into different segments of the automated testing industry.



Someone needs to test the cables and harnesses that help launch satellites into space and send airplanes all over the world. The modern age we live in demands faster travel and more exploration. Cirris is happy to assist the companies that make this possible.


Soldiers no longer fight with swords or bows and arrows (despite what certain super hero movies show). The powerful tools used to protect humanity need to work flawlessly at vital moments. Testing the cables inside these tools will help guarantee they will work when needed.


Whether shipping produce from California or carpooling kids to school, vehicles need good cables so they can reach their destinations safely. Automotive cables do more than just make the radio work. When the electrical components in a car are functioning correctly, the vehicle can drive in the dark, in the rain, and even drive dozens of laps around a race track.


When you visit the doctor, you place your trust in more than just the knowledge and experience of the people helping you. Modern medical equipment has cured diseases and increased patient lifespan. The functioning cables in these machines contribute to the bettering of healthcare for everyone.

Contract Manufacturer

Cables are needed to power everything from computers to washing machines. The contract manufacturers that build these cables are responsible for ensuring their accuracy and efficiency. A loose connection or weak insulation can cause difficulties in the end product, no matter what that product is.


All market segments want quality automated testers to ensure their cables will function as expected. Cirris has the tools and equipment for all areas of testing. No matter if you’re testing the wiring in a microwave or cables in a copy machine, you can trust Cirris to analyze the cables.

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