Cable Testing Tips

A blog exploring electrical cable testing guidelines, best practices, and advice for getting started with your testing process.

Testing Guidelines

Should Connector Shells be Tested?

While plastic shells don't need to be tested, metal shells and even plastic shells with conductive coatings should be included as a test point.

Testing Guidelines

Is High Voltage Testing Dangerous?

With all the high voltage safety warnings and labels, it’s easy to see why testing with high voltage would create uneasy feelings. If you don’t...

First-Ended Pinning

First-ended pinning is the process of pinning the first end of a wire and using capacitance to verify that the wire has been placed in the correct...

The Cirris Adapter System

Using a series of different connectors that attach directly to Cirris testers give users a way to test cables containing a variety of connectors. We...

What is the Test Process?

The test process is vital to ensure safe cables while others are unnecessary for certain cable shops. Having an organized test process helps the...

Cirris Products

Connect Your Tester to Easy-Wire™

If you are using an Easy-Touch, the computer is built into the tester. For other Cirris testers, you will need to connect your tester to an...

Cirris Products

Back Up Your Tester

Cirris testers aren’t impervious to data loss. If something happens to your tester, there is no guarantee your test files would survive the damage....

Testing Guidelines

Hipot or Not?

High voltage testing is useful for finding errors that could go overlooked. Not every cable needs to be tested with high voltage. Be careful using...

Testing Guidelines

Correct Resistance Settings

The resistance values are found in the low voltage settings of the test program. One setting is for connection or wire resistance while another sets...

Cirris Products

Do You Use Smart-Lights™?

Cirris Smart-Lights™ can store information for fixturing cables, show error location, and save you time and money.

Cirris Products

The Risk of an Unsupported Tester

Although some Cirris customers still use original testers from past decades, we recommend that you upgrade to a supported tester.

Product Advice

Useful Cirris Accessories

When it comes to testing, our goal is to make the process as easy as possible. That is why Cirris has developed accessories in addition to testers...

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