Cable Testing Tips

A blog exploring electrical cable testing guidelines, best practices, and advice for getting started with your testing process.

Testing Guidelines

Why Network Your Testers Together?

The following Cirris testers CAN be networked: Signature Touch 1/Touch 1 Ultra, Signature 1100-R+/1100-H+, CR/CH+/CH2, Easy Touch Pro

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Stop Spending So Much Time on Test Setup

Smart-Lights are a tool that will cut down on the amount of time and effort you spend setting up a test while helping to eliminate test setup errors.

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The Cirris Connector Generator

The Cirris Connector Generator allows you to bypass the work of creating a connector.

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Cirris Plays Nice with Others

Cirris has been working with companies throughout the wire processing industry to create a cohesive build process.

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Need a Laugh?

Our 2017 April Fools’ joke will be released to customers on April 1st. You can view jokes from previous years in the Humor section of

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When to Upgrade your Cirris Tester

Advances in testing have an effect on the test process in your company. Contact Cirris to learn about our newest testers and see what an upgrade can...

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The Newest Cirris Tester

If you are interested in a tester that can test 1500 VDC and 1000 VAC with up to 1024 test points and has a built-in PC, check out the Easy Touch Pro.

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